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Preview: Vintage Trailer Show

Photo Credit: Christy Eugenis

Photo Credit: Christy Eugenis

What’s shinny, mobile, and symbolic of the open road? The Vintage Airstream of course! And this year we’re bringing back this cult favorite exhibition for the closing weekend of Palm Springs Modernism Week, February 23-24th. Peek inside one-of-a-kind, renovated travel trailers and tour their groovy interiors, modular custom built furniture and retro finishes. Trailer owners will be on hand to talk history, restoration and adventures on the open road. This show will also feature a variety of retail booths with a fun mix of gifts, art, products, and services that relate to the Vintage Trailer lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Christy Eugenis

Photo Credit: Christy Eugenis

The Vintage Trailer Show will be held at the Hilton Hotel, 400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, Ca 92264
February 23-24 from 10am to 4pm. Tickets can be purchased here.




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Thank you to everyone who participated in our latest #ModernismProject photo challenge – #abode. It was a pleasure to have Angela Elias with CasaSugar look through all of your submissions, so thank you for being our special guest judge! Angela chose gonkedglookedslurped‘s photo, also known in real life as Valery Lovely and Antonio Aguirre, of an interior vignette. The photo was taken in their own home of their beloved owl sculpture by Ernesto Gonzalez-Jerez, along with other eclectic accessories from their travels.

Angela chose their photo because, as she put it, “I love that this vignette has a nostalgic, midcentury vibe while still looking remarkably fresh. Mixing a lot of pieces from a specific period can sometimes make a room feel more like a movie set. Instead, they relate the pieces to each other through color, shape, and a whimsical theme.” And we agree! So spot on.

Follow Valery and Antonio @gonkedglookedslurped on Instagram to see more of their collections. Antonio’s a professional archivist and Valery is a graphic designer/art director. They also have a booth where they deal in mid-century modern furniture and housewares, so check them out!

We’re going to take a bit of a break during the holidays – BUT – we’ll have a very exciting opportunity to share with you on Monday, December 12th. Let’s call it a giveaway where you’ll all be able to come away with something. We promise. Consider it a huge thank you to all those who have participated in the last few challenges and happy holidays! More Palm Springs Modernism Week ticket giveaways will resume in 2013.

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Thanks to all those who participated in our last two #ModernismProject challenges. We’ve been getting fantastic submissions, and our judges have been loving them too. As promised, here’s another chance to win tickets to Palm Springs Modernism Week. For those of you who are new around here, the #ModernismProject is our first-ever mobile initiative encouraging the global community of modernism fans to express visually what modernism means to them. This week’s theme is…..#WANDERLUST.

The middle part of the last century marks a time in history when many Americans began to enjoy the luxury of travel. Owning one or two family cars was common, Disneyland was the newest dream family vacation, and Palm Springs emerged as a premier travel and leisure destination in America. We at Palm Springs Modernism Week would like to know what imagery makes you nostalgic for travel during that time period. From vintage suitcases, travel posters, cars and cameras, to Mid-Century Modern beach houses and airstream trailers, the possibilities are endless! Get as creative as you’d like.

Our special guest judge for this challenge is Jason Hudson – a wanderlust himself who loves traveling to his country cottage in Canada, and his condo in Florida. More importantly, he’s a talented Toronto-based commercial photographer, supercharged ‘Grammer (that’s Instagram user) extraordinaire, and our third #ModernismProject guest judge. If you aren’t following him already, you should right here! He has a great eye for shooting interiors and beautifully delicious food.

Twice a month (between now and February), we’ll be issuing a new “challenge” or prompt. Participants are encouraged to submit as many photos as they’d like. An amazing panel of special guest judges will review all the submissions and pick a lucky winner in each category. The winner of this week’s challenge will receive a pair of tickets to the Modernism Week Home Tour on February 17, 2013!

To participate in the #wanderlust challenge

  • follow modernism_week on Instagram
  • be ABSOLUTELY sure to tag your photos #ModernismProject and #wanderlust.
  • More on the rules and regulations here.
  • Contest begins at 12:01am PST on Thursday, November 8th and ends at 11:59pm PST on Monday, November 12th.
  • The winner will be announced November 14th.

Airstream Photo by Matthew Reeves


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Did you enjoy our first #ModernismProject challenge? I know we did! There were so many beautiful submissions, so thanks again for participating. Here’s your second chance to win tickets to Palm Springs Modernism Week. For those of you who are new around here, the #ModernismProject is our first-ever mobile initiative encouraging the global community of modernism fans to express visually what modernism means to them. This week’s theme is…..#PATTERN.

Cruise your city, and scour your local hangouts for patterns that evoke modernism with bold design, graphic grids, and patterned surfaces. Simple, repetitive, and colorful interior screens, wallpaper, tiles, fabric or graphic design are all great examples.

Our special guest judge for this challenge is none other than the awesome design scavenger – Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk. This gal and her team provide you with a daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!) An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world, so drink up!

Jaime Derringer is founder and editor of modern design blog Design Milk , which has been featured in the Los Angeles TimesTime Out New YorkSan Francisco Chronicle, Singapore Home & Decor magazine, and Real Simple magazine. Design Milk is one of the Google Engineers’ Staff Picks and a Twitter influencer in Art & Design. Additionally, Jaime has been noted as an expert on design trends, speaks on design and design blogging, contributes to a multitude of  design blogs and acts as a consultant. The blog is read by many entertainers, hundreds of retailers, magazine editors, and HGTV hosts and designers. Tweets from @designmilk have been featured in Dwell magazine and on HGTV. Jaime believes that modernism involves clean, simple, timeless yet forward-thinking design – so perhaps you can keep that in mind when photographing your patterns!

Twice a month (between now and February), we’ll be issuing a new “challenge” or prompt. Participants are encouraged to submit as many photos as they’d like. An amazing panel of special guest judges will review all the submissions and pick a lucky winner in each category. The winner of this week’s challenge will receive a pair of tickets to the Modernism Week Home Tour on February 17, 2013!

To participate in the #pattern challenge

  • follow modernism_week on Instagram
  • and be ABSOLUTELY sure to tag your photos #ModernismProject and #pattern.
  • More on the rules and regulations here.
  • Contest begins at 12:01am PST on Thursday, October 25th and ends at 11:59pm PST on Monday, October 29th.
  • The winner will be announced October 31st.

Pattern Photo by YourPalDave

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#ModernismProject > Challenge No. 1 > ARCHITECTURE > Special Guest Judge Archilovers

Palm Springs Modernism Week is thrilled to announce the launch of #ModernismProject, our first-ever mobile initiative to encourage the global community of modernism fans to express visually what modernism means to them.  The theme of our first challenge is…..#ARCHITECTURE.

Go forth and capture images of any built structures that exhibit the tenets of modernism – function and utility, abstract beauty, sculptural form, symbolism, honesty in materials, use of modern materials and technology.  It could be a building, a room, a shack, a facade, an outhouse, a play house, any kind of structure.  We just want to see what modernist architecture means to you, today.

And without any further adieu, please meet our special guest judge for this challenge: Bari, Italy-based Archilovers.  You may recognize their signature hot pink heart.  These folks truly *heart* architecture and they know it inside out and around the globe.  It’s precisely because they have such a diverse perspective that Modernism Week has asked Archilovers to be our special guest for this enormous challenge.  Their entire editorial team will be on hand to review submissions.

Archilovers, architecture, buildings, modern architecture

Archilovers is the first true professional network for architects, designers and lovers of architecture from all over the world. It is an international and totally free platform with boundless space, where you can post projects, get to know designers and architects and create your own professional network. The big news, which makes Archilovers unique, is its use of “product tagging” to indicate objects and not people. For the first time you can tag the materials and furnishing objects used, in the project photos, by retrieving them from the archiproducts.com database.

The editorial office of the network comprises 15 architects, interior designers and journalists with over a decade of experience in the sector, whose job is to report the latest news from the world of architecture and design and to scour the thousands of projects we receive daily from architects and architectural offices all over the world, selecting those which catch the eye with something new and innovative to offer.  With their keen eye for progressive and stunning design, Archilovers is the perfect judge for this first, exciting, and wide-reaching challenge.

So get ready, set, and shoot!

Twice a month (between now and February), we’ll be issuing a new “challenge” or prompt.  Participants are encouraged to submit as many photos as they like.  An amazing panel of special guest judges will review all the submissions and pick a lucky winner in each category.  Those lucky winners will receive tickets to Modernism Week or a print from the MODSHOP.

To participate in the #Architecture challenge, just follow modernism_week on Instagram and be ABSOLUTELY sure to tag your photos #ModernismProject and #architecture.  More on the rules and regulations here.  Contest begins at 12:01am PST on Thursday, October 11th and ends at 11:59pm PST on Monday, October 15th.  The winner will be announced October 17th.

Tell us what you think!

Photo by Eric Hauser

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Foto Find: Darren Bradley Photography

We’ve discovered over the years that Palm Springs Modernism Week is hot destination for amateur and professional photographers alike.  A few minutes surfing Google or Flickr brings up stunning images of Modernism Week events, places, and people; all seen through the lens of different individual artists with their own perspective, spin, and style.  To celebrate this stunning visual diversity, we’re instituting a weekly Foto Find.  Each week we’ll share with you a selection of work by one of our latest and greatest photographic finds and a chance to learn a bit more about the artist behind the lens.

Our first-ever Foto Find is San Diego-based photographer Darren Bradley (the dapper gent in the chair).  A self described francophile, design nut, and accidental tourist, Darren and his wife have been coming to Palm Springs Modernism for several years.


MW: When did you come to Palm Springs Modernism Week?  Or how many times have you been?
DB: My wife and I have been coming to Palm Springs since before Modernism Week existed, I think. We first rented a house here in 1999 – an Alexander in Las Palmas designed by William Krisel. That was our first taste and we loved it. I live in San Diego, so Palm Springs is an easy trip for me and I come up several times a year, at least. I remember when Modernism Week was more of a weekend, and just really a show. It’s amazing how it’s grown. We’ve missed a year here or there, but we’ve been to most since it started.
MW: What’s your favorite aspect of Palm Springs Modernism Week?
DB: Love the house tours the most and the generosity of home owners to open up their homes like that. It’s just amazing. Also, we’ve developed a lot of good friendships over the years of people that we see during the show and it’s become a bit of a reunion for us. Also a great opportunity to make new friends and meet lots of interesting people.
MW: What do you like to shoot and why?
DB: I love modern architecture, first and foremost. I learned photography in high school and college, working for my school newspaper and as a darkroom assistant (back in the film days!). But I’d pretty much abandoned photography and hadn’t picked up a camera in over ten years when I started documenting all these mid-century modern treasures that I was seeing. I originally wanted to just document them before they disappeared. But slowly, I started to want to take better photos because I wanted to get people to appreciate these treasures – to see in them what I loved. I hoped that way, more people would want to save them. So I’ve become a sort of guerilla architectural photographer… shooting projects quickly and candidly on the run. I envy professionals who get complete access to buildings, are able to light them properly, scout them out ahead of time, shoot at the ideal time of day, not get chased by security guards, etc…  Most of the time, I don’t have those luxuries. But I try to make the most of whatever situation I’m faced with to get a good shot and show the personality of the building – what makes it so unique and special.  In Palm Springs, there’s just so much to photograph. And what’s nice here is that most people are very generous on the house tours about allowing photography. It’s just something that I do for fun, of course. Taking photos of these beautiful places allows me to see them differently than if I didn’t have my camera with me.
MW: What does modernism mean to you? 
DB: Modernism conveys a sense of optimism about society and the world that is so lacking today. It’s the last truly original style before the mainstream of America just sort of retrenched into a kind of ersatz pseudo-historical style… Now, most tract homes are faux Tuscan or Colonial. It seems like we’ve lost not only our sense of optimism, but also our sense of imagination. Modernism, to me, represents that last time in our history when the majority of our society was willing to take risks and just relax and have fun. What I love most about modernist architecture is the glass walls… the openness… the use of outdoor spaces.

Here are just a few of his favorite shots.  Enjoy!

Follow him on Twitter @ChimayBleueSD or check out his Flickr stream.

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Hey Instagram – We’re Here!

Did you know Palm Spring Modernism Week is now on Instagram? We encourage you to follow us these next few months for the latest updates, sneak peeks, pre-show events, and all things modernism. To get everyone excited, we’ll be hosting a series of bi-monthly photo challenges called the #ModernismProject starting in October. Twice a month you’ll have an opportunity to win tickets to Modernism Week events or prizes by simply snapping a photo and showing us your own personal perspective on modernism.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to follow the bi-monthly contest prompts.
  2. Grab your smartphone.
  3. Photograph anything and everything related to the current prompt and add your favorite filter, tilt-shift, or bokeh flare.
  4. Upload it to your Instagram account, and add the hashtag #ModernismProject, as well as the hashtag for the most current prompt (ie. #architecture) so that we can track your submission by each contest.  Feel free to submit more than one photo.
  5. Starting in October through January, we’ll announce the challenge prompt every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, and announce a winner on the following Wednesday.
  6. For each contest, we’ll have a special guest judge, so make them pretty, make them creative and dazzle us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The calendar of prompt dates is included above.  Don’t worry, we’ll also remind you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as we announce the prompt topics themselves. Additionally, we have something special planned for February, but you’ll just have to wait for that!  So get ready, set, and shoot!

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