Future Perfect: Midcentury Modern Architecture Re-imagined by Artist Danny Heller

Artist Danny Heller is living proof that modernism is a timeless and universal concept.  Born in 1982, he’s doesn’t exactly fit the archetype for a fan of modernism.  But then again, is there such a thing?  Heller hunts for the perfect shot of midcentury modern homes and other interesting landmarks in places like sun-baked Palm Springs, then returns to his Silver Lake studio where he makes unforgettable paintings of Southern California landscape and the buildings that embody the Southern California lifestyle.  His paintings are at once bright and bittersweet.  Bright colors and golden light belie a sadness for a bygone time and lofty notions for a future that remains unfulfilled.

Heller represents exactly what we love about the spirit of Palm Springs Modernism Week.  A new generation of modernists are coming up with their own perspective on what modernism meant, and what it could mean in the future.  He paints yesterday, today.  How fantastic is that?

We’re not the only ones who wax poetic about his work.  Check out this recent story on KCET’s Artbound to learn more about Heller, his paintings, and his perspective.  Also, be sure to VOTE HERE  to see this story turned into a short documentary on KCET.

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  1. Danny’s art is so amazing!

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