Foto Find: Eric Hauser AKA The Vermodernist

Photographer Eric Hauser‘s job is to eternalize moments of love, as a wedding photographer, so it’s no surprise that his photos of mid-century architecture exhibit such color and warmth. He and his wife Jen LiMarzi live in Winooski, Vermont. Together, they run an online vintage eyewear shop ( and write occasional posts on their Vermont-focused mod- and retro-culture blog,  The bespectacled pair will be returning to Palm Springs in 2013 to capture more images through their vermodernist lens.

Eric Hauser Photography

When did you come to Palm Springs Modernism Week?  Or how many times have you been?

 My wife and I first came to Modernism Week in 2011, and we’re coming back in 2013. We live in Vermont, so heading to sunny and warm Palm Springs in February is the perfect getaway from Vermont’s winter doldrums. It’s also a wonderful change of scenery from Vermont – the different landscape, as well as the different style of architecture, are welcome variations from our day to day surroundings in our part of the country.

What’s your favorite aspect of Palm Springs Modernism Week?

 In 2011 we did the tour of the Frank Sinatra house, which was fantastic. It’s great to have the opportunity to step behind what are usually closed doors and have a look around, especially in a home with so much history. We also loved just being in Palm Springs that week, with all the energy associated with Modernism Week – the art, the cocktail parties, restaurants, and people all had a wonderful vitality that was refreshing and exciting.

What do you like to shoot and why?

I’m a wedding photographer ( but when I’m not shooting weddings I’ve always loved to take pictures of old buildings. Over the last few years as I’ve become more aware of and interested in midcentury period architecture, I’ve tried to seek out buildings from that period – of which there areprecious few in Vermont! So when we first drove into Palm Springs on our first visit there, I couldn’t believe my eyes – one midcentury gem after another.

What does modernism mean to you?

What I appreciate most about midcentury modernist architecture and style is how forward-thinking it was for its time, and how well the style has held up to this day. It was an era where designers took chances and re-imagined what the future would look like. It’s such a contrast compared with many homes (and cars and clothes …) that were built or made in the last 20 years – most of which display little character or imagination. I’m also a hopelessly nostalgic person, so when I see architecture or cars or fashion from the 1940s – 1960s it makes me fantasize of a different era in our history when people dressed up a little bit more, entertained more frequently, knew who their neighbors were, and cared just as much about the way things looked as they did about how well they functioned. Obviously it’s easy to over-romanticize that time period, and I know everything was certainly not perfect. But that time period had such great style!

Follow him on Twitter @vermodernist or check out his Flickr stream.

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