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Moby, modernism, Marrakesh – need we say more? Check out today’s top Modernism Week events! (Also, you won’t want to miss the unveiling of Modfire’s newest design, the Astrofire, at the Modern Living Expo, 10:30am.) Continue reading

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Shaken or Stirred? The Cocktail Party Round-Up


Cocktail parties were an integral part of mid-century culture.  As such, Palm Springs Modernism Week feels that it is our responsibility to provide as many opportunities as possible for visitors to experience this important cultural phenomenon, which of course continues to be an cornerstone of Palm Springs culture today.  (That’s our way of saying: you don’t want to miss these!) Continue reading

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Preview: Fashion Forward, A Retrospective Showcase of Vintage Fashion


Southern California offers the perfect climate for the year-round indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  It’s no wonder that LA remains driving force behind “California casual,” Hollywood glamour, beach culture, and sportswear – casual but elegant “play clothes” that successfully marry fashion and function.  Between the 1930s and the 1960s, mid-century apparel designers used advances in technology and creative marketing strategies to create a singular, typically American style that survives today.  Many of the mid-century details continue to influence fashion today, with successful online retailers like ModCloth and taking their their cue from yesteryear.   Continue reading

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Preview: Welcome Aboard – The Pan Am Experience

As hundreds of people get ready to hit the airports on their way home for the holidays, we thought we’d reminisce a bit about the good old days of ‘Jet Age’ of travel when passengers enjoyed real silverware, fine dining, and immaculately styled stewardesses delivering deliciously strong Clipper cocktails.  Ah, don’t we miss Pan Am?

Continue reading

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